Americans love sushi because of its distinctive and powerful flavor. Although sushi is a popular food in America, Americans aren’t very knowledgeable about it. Continue reading to discover five amazing myths about sushi:

The first myth about sushi is that only the fish matters. This is false. Although Americans tend to view fish as the main ingredient in a dish, the importance of all ingredients is huge. The quality of sushi is directly affected by the way the ingredients are prepared.

Another myth is that sushi is all made from raw fish. Although many Americans don’t like sushi, not all sushi rolls contain uncooked fish. You can order sushi with no fish. There are many types of sushi, even ones with cooked fish.

Third, sushi can be expensive. This is a common misconception. Prices for sushi vary greatly. A roll of sushi can cost as low as $5, depending on the ingredients and where it’s being ordered. You can save money by ordering a simple sushi roll. Simpler dishes that contain only vegetables or two or more ingredients are less expensive than high-end delicacies.

A fourth myth about sushi is that it must be paired up with sake. Sake and sushi are not traditional pairings. Sake is an alcohol made from fermented rice. Some people don’t like sushi rolls because they are rice-heavy. Some people are more interested in pairing their food with wine or beer. Tea is an alternative to alcohol if you don’t drink it.

Final myth about sushi is that sushi should only be ordered on the day fresh fish arrives. Although it is tempting to order sushi the same day, fresher fish that has been preserved is better. Sushi chefs are skilled at preparing fish at the right time so that you can eat the freshest fish. Because sushi is best when it’s slightly aged, some chefs wait up to two days before using fish.

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