In many cultures and places of the world, drinking is considered a vice. Overindulgence is generally associated with libations, but that’s not always true. Everyone drinks for different reasons: to relax, for the flavor, as a social ritual, or to have fun. Whatever your motive for drinking, its negative effects on a healthy body make it a guilty pleasure. Alcohol causes weight gain, liver problems, dehydration, bloating, and more.

Not everything’s bad. Recent research suggests that Gin provides health benefits consumers may not have known about. Gin’s body-beneficial constituents include super berries, according to some. You can get more information about this drink in particular at our Gin Masterclass.

Why is gin better than other spirits? In moderation, gin may provide health benefits.

  • Gin has less calories than other alcohol. Livestrong says gin has 97 calories per shot, making it one of the lowest-calorie drinks.
  • Gin aids digestion. Juniper berries used to produce gin boost digestive enzymes.
  • Gin reduces bloat. Diuretic juniper stimulates urine production and prevents water retention. Gin may assist with bloating and UTIs.
  • Gin helps arthritis and bones. Traditional remedies for arthritis and rheumatism included juniper super berry. Gin drinkers say gin-soaked raisins alleviate inflammation.
  • It relieves coughs. Juniper berry oils can relieve coughs by releasing mucus from the throat, reducing lung congestion.
  • Gin can be mixed with ginger to relieve a sore throat.
  • Painkiller gin. Since it’s alcoholic, it can alleviate pain and inflammation. Gin was used as a painkiller in the Middle Ages, before pharmaceutical drugs.
  • Juniper berries are excellent. “Gin” comes from the words genever and Juniperus in Latin. Gin’s major ingredient is juniper berries. Warming, invigorating, and disinfecting, these extraordinary berries battle infections.
  • Quinine in tonic water repels mosquitoes. Gin adds flavor to water.
  • Gin helps skin. More antioxidants mean fewer wrinkles, so swap your anti-wrinkle cream for a drink. Juniper berries contain antioxidants that enhance cell regeneration for smoother, healthier skin.
  • Hay fever relief. Switching to gin in the summer could help ease your coughs and sneezes, according to Asthma UK. Beer and cider have a higher histamine level due to fermentation, making hay fever symptoms worse. Clear spirits like gin can, in an indirect way, suppress them. Every bit helps, right?
  • It’s “excellent” for diabetics. Journal of Diabetes Nursing published a study in 2008 on the safest drinks for type 1 diabetics. A G&T wins. Consult your doctor and set a realistic limit for yourself to live a little.
  • Cancer-fighting gin. Gin’s antioxidants neutralize cancer-causing free radicals in the body.
  • It extends lifeGin’s juniper berries contain flavonoids that prevent heart disease and . increase blood circulation as you age. If you drink too much, this will backfire. Are you interested in this amazing drink? Visit our Gin Masterclass to learn more.