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  • Armagnac
  • Cognac
  • Whisky
  • Rum cider

What is Armagnac?

Armagnac is a kind of French brandy. It is distilled from wines with grapes. It is mostly produced in Column stills. When the Armagnac is distilled, it is aged in oak barrels before it starts the bottling process. The production of the drink is closely monitored and watched to ensure French Brandy meets the standard of Armagnac governing bodies.

Many don’t know how to drink Armagnac, although they love drinking it. Armagnac is enjoyed as “after-dinner” liquor and served neat. In a small glass with a fine lip, Armagnac must be warm to room temperature to enjoy its finest. It is done by holding the glass in the palms. Upon doing so, it concentrates the aromas and brings out the rich flavor of the drink.

There is no need of waiting for the Armagnac to drink like wine as it doesn’t improve the taste once bottled, even if it aged. Currently, the Armagnac is the highest quality drink on the bottle suitable for your palate.


When looking for the finest French spirits, Cognac fits best. It offers a wide selection of Armagnacs and cognacs from some of the best producers in the UK. Whether you are a Cognac connoisseur or simply getting started, the cognac suits your taste and budget. The knowledgeable staff helps choose the perfect cognac for the next special occasion. Cognac is a variety of French Brandy named after the Cognac region, located in Western France.

Cognac is a monitored brandy that can’t be classified as Cognac unless it meets the governing bodies’ regulations. Cognac is made using specified grapes, produced in a certain region of France. It must be double distilled and aged when stored in French oak barrels and more. Cognac matures in barrels like Armagnac, whiskies, and wines.

Cognac usually spends considerably longer on wood than the minimum legal aging requirements. It is an intense drink that can be enjoyed after dinner, paired with cigars or food, and in cocktails.


Whiskey or whisky is a highly regulated distilled spirit, it is made from the fermentation of grain. There is a wide range of grains that are used to create whisky, including:

  • Rye
  • Wheat
  • Corn
  • Barley and more

It creates specific flavors and characteristics. Whisky is aged in wooden barrels for the final flavors.


The spirit of rum is from fermented and distilled sugarcane. A rum selection that impresses the most well-informed rum lover is from the Spirit of France collection.

When looking for a perfect taste of drink served on the table with a group of friends or with the family during the holidays, Spirit of France has all the collections.