Sam Baking High, one of Melbourne’s best and most well-known cake shops, is constantly searching for alluring, tasty treats for our devoted clients. There are seasonal treats that are only generally available during the summer, with mango being one of these seasonal crops, and summer is quickly approaching.

We have three exclusive, limited-edition summer cake delights available to offer our customers a wide selection of distinctive summer treats! Let’s find out what the Cake Shop Melbourne has to offer its devoted patrons!

Mango Cake

One of the most consumed seasonal fruits in Australia is the mango, which is also one of the most plentiful. Using ingredients like Australian manga, ruby grapefruit, and coconut sago, Our Cake Shop in Melbourne has created an outstanding and scrumptious cake that is baked in our lovely Japanese chiffon sponge and topped with mango cream. A tropical mango’s luscious, enticing, and mouth-watering flavours are combined in this dessert.

Ruby Grapefruit Cake

Japanese chiffon sponge, silk oolong tea cream, diced peaches, and peach jelly are combined in this dessert. Our Melbourne cake stores have created a stunning cake that embodies a ruby summer filled with grapefruit and aromatic tea, giving you a wonderful oolong tea aroma that is bursting with flavour and the experience of summer! When you cut into this cake, what comes to mind? When you bite into this replica, our bakers envision a juicy explosion of delights and sunburst vitality.

Oolong And Peach Cake

This Oolong and Peach Cake contains Japanese chiffon cake, ruby grapefruit, ruby grapefruit cream, and four-season green tea jelly. It would nearly be seductive to think that the cake is sushi after taking a close look at the romantic grapefruit decorations on top of it.

At our cake shop in Melbourne, we promise that the oolong and peach cake will be adorned with seasonal fruits that taste and look like summer. What better way to embrace Melbourne’s unavoidably fruity and refreshing summer than with this cake, according to our bakers at our Cake Shop Melbourne?

Bottom Line

Sam Baking High is known for being one of Melbourne’s most amazing, inventive, and creative cake stores, creating one-of-a-kind cakes that can be found nowhere else. Our Cake Shop Melbourne service is proof of our ability to deliver Melbourne’s most distinctive, gorgeous, and magnificent cakes!

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