It’s difficult for any pet parent to watch their four-legged friend get old. But the aging process is inevitable, with any living being. While the typical senior dog age range varies by breed and size, pet parents should look for aging symptoms and adjust appropriately to give the best senior dog care possible. Although you cannot stop the aging process, you may provide your senior dog more attention and a special diet for older dogs. You can buy dog food in Bangalore to feed your senior dog to enhance its health. Do not limit yourself to the typical routine for the pet. Think about putting certain things into practice that will enable you to add the correct amounts of connection and happiness to make this final stage. Let’s see the six things your senior dog wants you to do:

  1. Get your dog’s blood culture checked

It is beneficial to bring your dog in for regular check-up as they age to ensure their health is in check and looked after. Pet parents are advised to get their older dogs’ blood testing performed annually in addition to an annual or biannual exam. To make sure your senior dog is healthy it is recommended that you can take it to a Bangalore pet hospital. Complete the blood work to evaluate their white and red blood cells and kidney and liver function. Any type of disease can be easily detected with this method.

  1. Provide the right dog bed

Older dogs can no longer curl up on the floor like they could when they were younger. Hard surfaces are harsh, and jumping up on the couch can be a difficult thing to do. . If you filled your home with thick, high-quality dog beds, your senior dog would adore them. They can then stay near you, be comfortable and sleep while getting some restorative sleep.

Consider an ortho bed or one made of memory foam if your dog suffers from joint problems like arthritis. Should you add an electric blanket or a heated mattress on top of the bed? You can consider it since they work wonders in relieving pain and stiffness. Even dogs that experience the cold will like them.

  1. Avoid any drastic change in routine

Old habits are challenging for older dogs to break. Even a slight change in routine can be uncomfortable and cause sadness or mood swings. At this point in their life, there is a drop in the hormones that fight stress, which is the reason for this. Don’t alter your pet’s habits or surroundings. For instance, if you have to travel long distances without your loved pet, you should arrange for a family member or pet sitter to look after the dog rather than having it moved to a boarding.

  1. Try using a dog support sling

A dog support sling or specialized dog harness might greatly assist your senior dog with movement issues. Sometimes, a dog sling will assist your dog get to their feet if they have difficulty standing. You can effortlessly help your dog with good harnesses that have handles on their back. With the use of dog support slings, your senior dog will be able to walk, climb stairs, use the restroom, and enter vehicles more efficiently.

  1. Regular pet grooming

Dogs naturally spend a lot of time resting on one side or the other as they age. The dog’s hair tangles in these areas if the dog has long hair. Additionally, the pet’s sensitivity to skin infections increases with age. Therefore, combing the dog’s hair and routine cutting are two everyday tasks that should not be neglected and can prevent the identified issues. Your veterinarian can advise you regarding the frequency of washes based on your dog’s breed. Nails are another thing that needs your attention. Active animals grind their nails against the floor. However, older dogs with a more sedentary lifestyle may lack this feature, but would still require weekly nail trimming.

  1. Exercise the pooch 

When it comes to playing and other types of physical activity, becoming older is a bit upsetting. But even in moderation, senior dogs do need to be exercised. Inactivity can result in weight gain and complications, including arthritis and joint pain. Obesity can also result in a shorter lifespan for your dog.  So, it is good to take the dog for exercise at regular intervals.

Final Thoughts

As your dog ages, you must take better care of them. You can offer your senior dog what it needs to feel comfortable and relaxed. Mentioned above are the six things your senior dog wants you to do.