Celebrity-endorsed spirits are popular today, but few entail the celebrity actually doing anything. That is not the scenario with slipknot whiskey, a new Iowa whiskey from the popular metal band Slipknot, who is known for wearing frightening masks to match their edgy sound.

There has always been debate over whether the whisky is an adequate drink to pair with food, but the notion of pairing whisky with food is gaining popularity. It’s worth noting that whisky was traditionally consumed on its own, without food. It was considered strange to consume it with food. Though having something to eat whiskey was common practice in European and Asian countries, it was still somewhat unusual in the United States until now.

Breaking Stereotypes
However, thanks to connoisseurs who really are pairing foods that go extremely well with this divine amber-colored liquid that comes in many forms- whisky, Bourbon, Scotch, or Rye—it is slowly gaining popularity in the United States as well. To pair whisky with food, you should first understand the various classes and kinds of this spirit. Whisky flavors range from light to full-bodied, with hints of sweetness and fruit, as well as citrus notes, to more intricate and bold, with strong peat, earthy, and smoky notes.

Food is paired with whiskies in such a way that neither the whisky nor the food dominates or overwhelms the flavors of the other. Rather, they should complement one another’s flavors and contribute to the overall experience.

  • Example
    Bourbon has quite a hint of vanilla and caramelized sweetness, so it pairs well with foods that contain this caramelized component. Light whiskies go very well with seafood and peppery meals, medium whiskies go well with protein-rich meals, and full-bodied whiskies go well with wholesome dishes with high-fat content.

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Slipknot Whiskey No. 9
Slipknot, the beloved heavy metal band, has collaborated with Cedar Ridge Distillery to produce Slipknot No.9 Whiskey! The whiskey was blended by Slipknot’s very own Shawn “Clown” Crahan (he can be seen wearing a clown mask when performing, hence the name), and it includes Iowa corn as well as rye, which brings a kick of spice to the fore. Slipknot and Cedar Ridge are both from Iowa, and based on the whiskey they’ve created together, they seem more like a perfect match. So, put on Slipknot’s Iowa album, drizzle yourself a glass of this, and enjoy!

Tasting Notes

  • Bold Flavor- Finishing these expressions at 90 proof or elevated results in more robust, complex sipping whiskeys.
  • Sweet & Spicy- Because of the corn and gruyere in the post mixture grain bill.
  • Farm to Table – Made entirely of Iowa corn.

It starts out floral, with honeysuckle and lily notes. Then came the corn and caramel. Cornbread, jalapeno, apple butter, and charred marshmallow on the palate. A delightful moderate finish with a chocolate undertone.

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Before you begin planning your options, there are a few things to consider.

  • Avoid foods with a high garlic content or that are overly spicy, as these will overpower the flavor of any whisky.
  • Stronger spirits go well with stronger foods, and lighter spirits go well with lighter foods, but the elements should complement each other rather than be too matchy-matchy.
  • If you’re going to host a full meal, please remember that one whisky may not go well with every course.
  • Fatty foods pair well with a wide range of scotch whiskies, especially cask-strength options. The fat coats your mouth, helping to soften the strong alcohol hit.
  • If fatty foods aren’t an option, a few drops of water added to cask-strength whisky will pair better. However, I always advise going with no water and then going to add drops as you go.
  • Stronger whisky complements sweeter nuts better, while sweeter whisky complements bitter nuts. With smokier drams, go for roasted nuts.
  • Many fish dishes pair well with a wide variety of whiskies, but fresh fish can be hit or miss with single malts.
  • Avoid citrus when pairing whisky with fresh or dried fruit, except if it is used to flavor a cake or marmalade.

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Here are the top 7 foods that pair well with various types of Slipknot or other whiskies: 

  1. Dark Chocolate
    Chocolate and whisky go well together. Instead of sweet, sugary chocolate, opt for high-quality chocolate bars. Experiment with chocolates and their recipes in this section, adding new ones until you find the perfect match for your spirit. Dark orange-flavored chocolate is an excellent choice for experimenting with Scotch because the citrus note in Scotch enhances the orange flavor of the chocolate. Dark chocolate in its purest form complements strong whiskies. Milk chocolate pairs well with rye whiskies, whether plain or with a hint of ginger or chili. Single-salted hazelnut chocolates pair well with Scotch whisky, whereas America’s favorite bourbon complements almost all types of chocolate.
  2. Cheese
    Whisky and cheese have a lot in common. Both are aged and come in a variety of flavors. That’s why cheese and whisky go so well together. Whiskies with a smoky flavor pair well with aged cheddar. While spicy Whiskies pair well with strong blue cheese. Light, fragrant whiskies with a hint of sweetness pair well with soft cheeses like gruyere or goat cheese.


You can also try Turkish foods, as it enhances the flavors on the palate.

  1. Grilled Steaks
    If you’re hosting a dinner party and aren’t sure what and how to serve whiskey with grilled steaks. This combination can never go wrong. Steaks compliment medium-bodied, rich whiskies very well. Whiskies with a rich, deep, and smoky flavor complement beef very well. However, depending on the flavors and fat content of your steak, you may need to explore a little. For example, if you’re going for a leaner steak, bourbon pairs well with it.
  2. Meatloaf
    Meatloaf pairs well with sturdy peaty whiskies. Full-bodied whiskies with high alcohol content and spiciness, such as a flavorful slipknot whisky or rye whisky, pair well with rich, fatty dishes like meatloaf. Strong whiskies pair well with healthy meatloaf offered with barbecue sauce.
  3. Smoked Salmon
    Smoked salmon pairs well with whiskies with a high rye content. The dark flavor of the salmon imparts a spicy fruity flavor to the bourbon. These two flavors work really well together.

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  1. Apple Pie
    This dessert pairs brilliantly with gentle, aromatic whiskies with a touch of sweetness. It must go well with American whiskies like bourbon and single malts with a high rye content. The hue flavors in the bourbon pair perfectly with the apple pie.
  2. Nuts & Dried Fruits
    Dried fruits and nuts are always a good choice. Simply be creative in your mixing and matching. However, you must exercise caution when combining the flavors. Consider how the flavors of nuts and whisky complement each other. Sugary nuts, for example, complement strong tannic whiskies, whereas bitter whiskies complement sweeter ones. Smoky whiskies pair well with heavily roasted nuts. You can also get a pre-mixed pack of party nuts.

You don’t have to be a food connoisseur to host Whisky parties at your houses, but you really should at least be familiar with the basic flavor features of the spirit you intend to serve. Try different combinations of foods and drinks, and you’ll soon be an expert.