Everyone really needs to know about the world’s most popular food – pizza.

Pizza is one of the most well liked food that is popular globally and loved by all – young and old, boy or girl or anyone else. It is surpasses all boundries. It’s fully lauded with cheese flavoured  seasoning and topping enhance it’s look. Today we can order a pizza and get it delivered to our doorstep in 10 minutes using a pizza ordering system. So let us look at some of surprising facts about this amazingly lovable food 

  • In just United States around three hundred and fifty (350) slices of pizzas are consumed every second!
  • Pizza is most favourite food for Americans and across the world.
  • One of the biggest days for pizzarias consumption is SUPER BOWL SUNDAY.
  • The first pizza was invented in NAPLES, ITALY in the early 1500s.
  • Historians discovered that the lower income people of NAPLES used to put
  • Some veggies and cheese on dough and baked it for their families.
  • In those days this food was considered as a cheap food but now it’s become king of 

the food.

  • According to a study pizza is extremely  popular meal among the male.
  • The most expensive pizza in the world cost nearly $70000. This was by a youtube celebrity know as beast, but the location identity is mystery as he has only shared a video and cost of pizza. 
  • Master pizza chef RENATO VIOLA created  the most expensive pizza for pizza lover in the old times for an estimated cost of $12000 which ideally would run in millions of dollars today. This tasteful pizza known as LOUIS in Itely. It’s topped with  lobster, buffalo  mozzarella three types of caviar  squilla mentis  and pink australian salt.
  • THE WORLD RECORD OF LARGEST PIZZA is held by a pizza named OTTAVIA. This pizza was a size of a football stadiam covering nearly Thirteen thousad five hundred and eight feet radius(13580 feet). This was in rome, italy and the date was 13th dec 2012(maybe the makers thought to feed everyone before the dooms day which was supposed to be in year 2012. 
  • PIZZA IN ITALY  WERE ORIGINALLY SQUARE SHAPED. Square shaped pizza known as silician or granda style pizza is the original shape in italian. It contained with romano instead of mozarella cheese.
  • 38 BILLION PIZZAS ARE SOLD ANNUALLY IN THE U.S. The united state is one of the biggest consumers of pizza globally.
  • EATING PIZZA ONCE A WEAK MAY REDUCE  THE RISK OF CANCER. This may be sound strange but true that pizza has some nutritional benefits. According to an Italian study published by the International study of journal of cancer. There is a good news for pizzerias .
  • CHILDREN NATURALLY LOVED MILK AND DAIRY PRODUCTS. Cheese makes this food favourite among the kids. Veggies and cheese has lots of nutrients like magnacium  calcium etc.

And last but not the least fact – Pizza spreads love joy and happiness among us so keep enjoying your pizza and spreading love. Deliveroo clone delivers the best pizza’s in town