The development of pastry and confectionery in the world has occurred in parallel with the development of sugar cane and beet. Primitively, sugar was unknown, but honey was used for sweet preparations at certain times. For example, in the time of Jesus Christ, bakers were also pastry chefs and used honey as the main ingredient in their recipes, combined with various nuts. Thus, in the Bible and the Koran, there are numerous references to honey and dried fruits, which combined and processed properly gave rich desserts; however, no references to sugar are found in those sacred books.

Chocolate is food obtained by mixing sugar with two products from the manipulation of cocoa beans: a solid material (cocoa paste) and a fatty material (cocoa butter). Some theories propose that its dissemination began in the tropical lands of South America, from the Orinoco River basin or the Amazon River, spreading slowly until it reached the southeast of Mexico. Others suggest that the opposite happened: it spread from southeastern Mexico to the Amazon River basin. What is taken for granted is that the first evidence of its human use is found in Mexican territory occupied by pre-Hispanic cultures long ago. Chocolate is used for different preparations such as classic chocolate cake, pancakes, biscuits, cookies, drinks, etc., and this exquisite product is part of our best ingredients for the preparation of truffle cake and lucuma meringue cake. And tiramisu cake.

Chocolate cake is famous in Japan; lately and worldwide, it has made itself known through social media.

The recipe is simple and easy, although what reigns is the culinary secret that some jealously guard to achieve optimum moisture, a slightly denser texture than that of flan, that rises without the need to incorporate baking powder or yeast and that does not crumble when cut, managed to melt in the mouth.

German chocolate cake is of American origin but owes its name to the fact that it was made, according to the original recipe, with German chocolate, which was created in 1957 by Sam German.

In Greece, they prepare the cake with chocolate and yoghurt. The chocolate is first prepared by mixing butter, warm water and cocoa powder. The chocolate is incorporated into the flour with the sugar, salt, and beer and is stirred until the mixture obtains a homogeneous consistency. Finally, the eggs and yoghurt are added, and it is taken to the oven.

Different types

The chocolate cake with chantilly cream and strawberries is made from three discs of chocolate sponge, covering each disc with a layer of chantilly cream mixed with strawberries in syrup and decorated with fresh strawberries.

The Black Forest cake is another chocolate cake consumed in our country. It is a typical sweet of German gastronomy, specifically in the kitchens of the Baden region.

The Coulant, Fondant or Volcano is a chocolate cake with a melt in the middle that, when cut, drains the chocolate sauce from its interior and spills on the plate simulating a lava spill.

There is also the healthy chocolate cake without flour, butter or sugar. The base is prepared with grated coconut, egg white, and coconut sugar and filled with chocolate mousse containing a high percentage of cocoa.

Although somewhat different, the chocolate sponge cake with chickpeas is very tasty and a good alternative to make children consume legumes.

Chocolate cake with white chocolate cream. It is prepared with the traditional recipe. However, it is filled with white chocolate cream, meaning that beautiful colour contrast can be seen inside when you cut the cake.

small variations

The three milk chocolate cake is the original recipe to which cocoa is added to the mix. Two floors are cut, and the mixture of the three kinds of milk is spread on each of them and covered with cream cheese.

The chocolate and almond cake or almond cake is a light cake prepared with very little flour and acquires a soft texture similar to mousse and with an intense chocolate flavour.

Vegan chocolate cake is a delicious alternative for people who do not consume products of animal origin.

The ingredients for the cake are flour, natural sweetener or honey, coconut milk, cocoa, banana, apple cider vinegar, vanilla, coconut oil and baking powder. For the bitumen, coconut milk, coconut oil, honey or natural sweetener, cocoa and vanilla are used. Decorate with fresh or frozen raspberries cut into halves.

The integral chocolate cake is a variation prepared with integral flour and oatmeal; optionally, you can add nuts.

Chocolate cake with mocha icing is very popular in the United States. It is covered with mocha cream prepared with pieces of dark chocolate, unsalted butter, instant coffee powder, heavy cream, Kahlua (coffee liqueur) and vanilla.