In a recent interview, co-creator of the Brooklyn Dumpling Shop and other innovative eating concepts Stratis Morfogen discussed the restaurant’s use of cutting-edge technology and the need to disrupt the hospitality industry.

Maintain the status quo! Stratis Morfogen asserts that he has persistently caused problems for others. He was reared by a father who was never satisfied with the status quo, and he takes this disposition into his adult life.

In 1997, Stratis Morfogen had a small company with three employees and an audible AOL modem. Despite their small stature, they provided superior service. Since its start, customers including Southwest Airlines, Amazon, and Wells Fargo have applauded the company.

In the split second before you give up, miracles occur. Stratis Morfogen has been in a similar situation before. He recognises how tough it is to have a positive outlook in the face of adversity, yet he has demonstrated that persistence can lead to success.

Stratis Morfogen sees himself as a “hospitality innovator and inventor.”

That is a gross understatement. The co-founder of the Brooklyn Dumpling Shop and other innovative New York City businesses, as well as the author of “Be a Disruptor,” takes great satisfaction in his ability to anticipate and adeptly navigate emerging market trends.

Because 2020 was a challenging year, the hospitality industry underwent a significant transformation. Stratis Morfogen, on the other hand, was already devoted to connecting the client with hospitality; as a result, he was able to navigate the pandemic’s unfamiliar waters and create a restaurant that would eventually become an industry standard. You consumed food from Brooklyn Dumpling Shop specifically.

The gift bag had the logo of the company from which he had so generously donated, making it easy for the recipients to identify it. Because he avoids flaunting his generosity, Stratis Morfogen rejected the GoFundMe ideas. To feed roughly 9,000 service troops, he did, however, enlist the assistance of other business owners.

Changing conditions frequently generate new chances. Morfogen seized the opportunity to continue in his customary inventive manner and expand the services he offers to his consumers.

The chefs at Brooklyn Dumpling House modified a popular dish from the menu of the renowned Brooklyn Chophouse to make it more accessible to diners. The Automat at Brooklyn Dumpling House has been updated with new technology, enabling the restaurant to provide superior service in less time.

Stratis Morfogen thoroughly investigated the Automat’s past in an effort to determine the causes of the system’s demise. During the transaction, he was aware that no technology was utilised and no one was there.

Morfogen has always placed a premium on innovative technologies and superior customer service

In 1997, the businessman began emphasising to his peers the significance of having a respectable web presence. Unfortunately for him, a significant number of them have now shuttered their doors or declared bankruptcy. The current period, which he refers to as the “TikTok generation,” ushers in a new set of digital qualities that organisations must investigate and adopt in order to remain competitive in the global marketplace of today.

Stratis Morfogen has implemented this line of thinking by opening an NFT Lounge within the Brooklyn Chop House. Members get access to the VIP lounge’s features on a sliding scale. The initial deployment is merely the start of his company’s metaverse study.

No matter how advanced the technology is, the hotel industry’s primary objective is to provide excellent customer service. Morfogen has a reputation for friendliness throughout all of its neighbouring regions. When he initially entered the world of Internet commerce, he made it his personal mission to provide each and every customer with an exceptional experience.

Stratis Morfogen has been spotted reading testimonials till 3 a.m., modifying them as necessary, and occasionally answering client calls on his personal cell phone. This issue has been present for about twenty-five years.