Gathering with your friends and family after working an entire week can be the best feeling! The excitement to hang out, enjoy time with your close ones, and binge-eating on your favorite pizzas, how can life get better than this, right? Pizza is always the right solution regardless of your health freak. 

Are you feeling sad? Have a slice of cheese-dropping pizza! Are you happy? Grab a bite of your favorite pizza while you dance to the rhythm. If you are hosting a party, why not try food delivery from Double Pizza with some of the delicious pizzas made with love? 

Whether you need halal pizzas or gluten-free, Double Pizza has got your back. With a wide range of pizzas, you can find everything your stomach would enjoy on their menu. For a foodie, experimenting with different pizzas is always exciting. Trying out different pizzas is a never-ending journey, but we hand-picked some of the best pizzas, toppings, and siders to try at least once. 

Best mouth-watering pizzas to try!

Of course, you may have tried different pizzas until now. However, there are a few pizzas that never go out of style. Take a look below. 

  • Hawaiian and Mexican Pizza. 
  • BBQ chicken pizza. 
  • Pepperoni Pizza
  • Macaroni and Cheeze pizza. 
  • Veggie Pizza 
  • Meat Pizza

Let’s talk about toppings! 

One of the classic and commonly loved toppings include Pepperoni! After all, the taste of pizza with pepperoni toppings is exceptionally delicious. Besides, there are various amazing toppings to add the cherry on top of your pizza, making you crave more. Check out the best toppings for pizzas below. 

  • Sweet Italian sausages 
  • Tomato and basil. 
  • Mushrooms. 
  • Chicken cutlets. 
  • Vegetables with pepper. 
  • Black olives. 
  • Extra cheese
  • Spinach with pepper. 
  • Pesto
  • Ham
  • Bacon
  • Beef
  • Pineapple. 

Siders to make your pizza party perfect. 

While pizzas themselves are perfect when hosting a party or chilling with friends, adding sliders to your pizza can be the best decision. We have been trying french fries and coke to pair with our pizzas all our lives, so how about you try something different? With the list of various siders below, you will find the perfect combo with your pizza!

  • Pouding chomeur. 
  • Chocolate chip cookie. 
  • McCain chocolate cake. 
  • Cheezy bread. 
  • Garden Salad 
  • Cheesy garlic fingers
  • Onion rings. 
  • Garlic bread. 
  • French fries. 

As delicious as it sounds, their taste is equally mouth-watering. So, try out your favorite combo and experiment to find which is the best pizza you love.