Burgers have been a top choice of many fast food lovers in Australia since the late 20th century, if not the first. Australia’s culinary practice began to roil around the 1970s when American cuisines made their way to Australia. After the 1970s, Aussies gradually started to indulge in the boisterous freedom and comfort of fast food that is convenient and pleasing on the palate. The introduction of American fast-food chains like McDonald’s, KFC, and Pizza Hut in Australia made people prioritise the American style of eating over the usual British style, to the extent that it eventually became a way of culinary practice in Australia.

Fast forward to 2022, McDonald’s is one of the country’s biggest and busiest fast-food chains, with well over a thousand restaurants. Their unique approach to customer service and food quality helped the company establish itself as a leading force in the food business in Australia. American dine-themed restaurants and food chains are ubiquitous in the major cities nationwide. Due to American diner infiltration in Australia’s major cities, burgers have become one of the major additions to dining practice in Australia. Now, any food enthusiast or food pundit can notice that burgers have become a mini-food industry in Australia.

The unparalleled rise of the burger trend has led to several new burger-inspired restaurants and food joints. Plenty of large food chains specialise in burgers and some small-time privately owned eateries across the nation. As burger restaurants spring up, fast food lovers can enjoy a good restaurant experience without spending much money limiting their orders. As customers want burger shops’ tasty, cheese-filled quick meals, it is clear that they will remain popular over time.

The overall revenue of fast food burger venues is projected to increase within the next two years, and the annual growth is projected at 2.2%. This suggests more and more people will be ordering burgers in the coming years and propel the growth of burger venues across the country. The fact that a simple dish like a burger can revolutionise the eating habits of so many Australians shows a power shift in the food industry. After all, Aussies are known for their high-quality, tasty food that’s affordable.

The introduction of digital marketing and excessive use of digital marketing tools post-pandemic has also made burgers so sought dish in Australia. A business can easily reach and engage millions of people via social media platforms by utilising HD photographs, videos, and motivating posts. The mouth-watering pictures and posts of burgers that come with some amazing burger cheese, especially cheddar and Colby cheese, can compel many to try them; after all, burgers are so photogenic. Additionally, this has improved customer relations and boosted customer-driven trends.

People can leave their online reviews after trying out burger shops, giving more consumers an insight into the food quality, customer service, and atmosphere. Word of mouth works like wizardry in any business. Also, this will give owners a clear picture of where their business is headed and whether they need to put more work into making high-quality dishes. Therefore, the natural surge in burger venues will co-exist as long as people like eating burgers.

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